Spykidelic on Coldcut Solid Steel 08/01/2001

A mix recorded to honour the release of Anjali’s debut album (which I helped produce) for Coldcut’s Solid Steel radio show on BBC London Radio. Very much inspired by trips to the CO-OP club nights at Velvet Rooms and Plastic People.

(Click on image for MP3)

Anjali: Nebula (Wiiija)

Shut Up And Dance: Green Man (Shut Up And Dance)

Soul Dharma: Flower – King Britt Dub  (Velocity)

Seiji: Silver Blossom (2000 Black)

Frederic Galliano : Plis Infinis No 2  (F Communications)

Chris Energy : Untitled (Music Is)

Seiji: Second Nature – Chateau Flight Remix (Versatile)

Nubian Mindz: Black Science – Restless Soul Remix (Archive)

Landslide: Incurable Voices (Hospital)

Mocky: Soul Control (Zephon’s Mom)

Opaque (Seiji): Malice  (Archive)


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