Spykidelic meets The Black Dog/Plaid (T/E/X 1993)

In 1993, shortly after my tenure at i-D Magazine, I was dispatched to Mile End by my former i-D deputy editor Helen Mead, to do a rare interview with Black Dog (who at that time included Ed Handley and Andy Turner now better known as Plaid). The interview was for the first Trance Europe Express – a compilation series that came with a booklet of interviews with the compiled artists. Aphex, The Orb and Sabres of Paradise featured on the same edition. (Massive thanks to 2K from WAMM Forum for uploading this)



  1. Cool, for some reason this interview from this booklet always sticks in my head – I was totally blown away by the track Black Dog had on this Trance Europe Express compilation, so I was quite fascinated with your interview with this mysterious group.
    I still have the booklet for this – what a wonderful compilation this was, and what an exciting time the 90s was for cutting edge music.

  2. Thank you, seems like such a long time ago now and yet I’m still fixated with that era. Apropos I’m playing Electro Soma and Electro Soma II currently on a daily basis as well as Bytes and Temple of the Transparent Balls 🙂

    • Oh I am loving those too, what a wonderful reissue, the accompanying notes about how each track was made is a lovely touch. I actually appreciate the B12 stuff more now than ever, it has aged amazingly well too.

      I was at the live performance they did a few weeks ago in Hackney Wick, was brilliant and had a lovely chat with the two lads afterwards too. Such down to earth people and still with a massive passion for their music.

      If I went back in time to 1993 and told my 19 year old self, living then in the west of Ireland, that 25 years later I’d be living in London, still listening to this stuff and chatting to the artists, I’d never believe it !

      Oh yeah, Bytes I will never get tired of, it’s probably my all time favourite.

  3. The remastering on those B12 reissues is incredible. I’ve had Debris on vinyl for years from an old ART compilation and the comparison is like chalk and cheese. Wish I’d got to see them live though, hopefully I’ll get the chance soon 🙂

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