Electric Piccadilly Circus

Flyer for a Factory Records themed night that I DJed at in May 2003 at ICA, organized by a fanzine I contributed to as a writer called Hardcore is More Than Music.  Early Factory band Biting Tongues are noteworthy for featuring British techno demi-god Graham Massey of 808 State, whilst Crispy Ambulance’s vocalist Alan Hempshall once stood in for Ian Curtis at an ill fated Joy Division gig in Bury, just prior to his tragic end.

Earlier in 2003 I had DJed at two London shows for Public Enemy promoted by ATP and the previous year played at the Sonic Youth curated All Tomorrows Parties (LATP) in Los Angeles, hence the Public Enemy/Sonic Youth suffix after my earlier shorter DJ moniker (I changed to Spykidelic out of annoyance at the Spy Kids film franchise, the name came originally from a Scottish Suedehead gang from the late 60s). Looking back, it would’ve made more obvious sense to have been billed under my birth name, given that I had played Factory/Post-Punk related obscurities rather than any Hip Hop or NY Artcore. But then again, people would’ve justifiably seen me as an imposter Factory sycophant –  although I would’ve been one of many that came out of London and New York around that time.


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