Quirky in Electronic Sound


The latest issue of Electronic Sound  magazine features Robin Rimbaud’s detailed account of Sahko records Quirky debut which would become the genesis for Pan Sonic. Paul Smith from Blast First also recounts the same night in this RBMA piece 




Hollywood Darlings Theme


The theme tune for US comedy Hollywood Darlings is a composition by myself and frequent collaborator Joe Gray done in 2004/5 and licensed to Hub 100/Universal as production music. The vocals are from my friends Andriani and Becky who used to do the door at the White Heat club night. Up ’til now it was mostly synonymous with a Sex & the City looking Polish series:





Worlds Collide: The Wire, December ’95

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Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 09.07.49.png

A 1995 article by Rob Young focusing on early contributors, such as myself to the labels Lo, Leaf and Language Recordings, is currently archived at The Wire

This Autechre Kiss 102 (Manchester) radio show from around the same time features the  collaboration with Joe Gray recorded as The Occupiers that appeared on the Language Records comp Miscellaneaous the second. It’s included here from 32:39 until around 36:50