Quirky in Electronic Sound


The latest issue of Electronic Sound  magazine features Robin Rimbaud’s detailed account of Sahko records Quirky debut which would become the genesis for Pan Sonic. Paul Smith from Blast First also recounts the same night in this RBMA piece 



Worlds Collide: The Wire, December ’95

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A 1995 article by Rob Young focusing on early contributors, such as myself to the labels Lo, Leaf and Language Recordings, is currently archived at The Wire

This Autechre Kiss 102 (Manchester) radio show from around the same time features the  collaboration with Joe Gray recorded as The Occupiers that appeared on the Language Records comp Miscellaneaous the second. It’s included here from 32:39 until around 36:50


Entr’acte – The Quadrant Series 2

A late discovery that this podcast from the always exemplary Entr’acte has a new Human Inferno track on it.

Virgin Prunes: Yeo
Illusion of Safety: The Prisoner
Mt Gemini: Parsons Green
Dead Kennedys: The Prey
Human Inferno: Maleficium
Attrition: Dead of Night [excerpt]
DJ Sotofett: Nekta øl på City Club
Dsor Dne: Uomo
Konstruktivists: Time yet to Come
Dive: Sick in Your Mind [live in Tokyo]
Blue: Renounce Rendition
Black Lung: I Have no Mouth…
Synapscape: New Order