Besides my journalistic and production work I’ve also been an active DJ and club/concert promoter. In 1994 I was enlisted as a resident DJ and co-booker along with James Bignell, at the club night Quirky at Brixton’s Vox Club. The night played host to leading lights in the then emerging  UK Techno/Ambient scene including The Orb, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Seefeel, Mark Van Hoen, Pan Sonic and Scanner. We also held gigs from more seasoned experimental musicians such as Bruce Gilbert (Wire), Hafler Trio and Zoviet France.

During this period I had rekindled my love affair with hip hop and had also become enamoured with the output of the MoWax and Metalheadz labels. Together with John Pell who promoted Dub nights at The Vox, we began the Thursday night club Ratio. Most nights saw us manning the decks, but we occasionally invited guests such as Margaret Fiedler of the band Laika, Osymyso and Spring Heel Jack.

Through my friendship with Seefeel and members of Laika, I became acquainted with Too Pure records, by far one of the most exciting British record labels of the era (besides Seefeel and Laika, their roster also included PJ Harvey, Stereolab and Pram). Around 1995 I began occasionally DJing at Too Pure promoted Sausage Machine events at various pub backrooms in Camden. When the Sausage Machine moved to the Hope & Anchor in Islington, I was drafted in as resident DJ, warming up for the likes of Third Eye Foundation, Shellac and Ligament.  Through DJing at The Sausage Machine, I was asked to warm-up for Stereolab and Tortoise on a few occasions. It was also through DJing at Sausage Machine that I met Barry Hogan of All Tomorrows Parties, who I first began DJing for around this time. Back then he was just setting out on his long journey as one of the most innovative promoters anywhere in the world.

In 2005 for a brief period during the Summer, I began co-promoting events in conjunction with the small London independent label Monocle 78. These took place at early White Heat nights at The Infinity in London’s Mayfair. Together with Monocle 78’s Stephen Monaghan (who as Stevil was also my DJ partner for a time at Queens of Noize and Kill EM All) we booked and promoted concerts for Comanenchi (who were signed to the fledging White Heat records as a result), The Beatings, Vincent Vincet & The Villains and Chrome Hoof,  amongst others.

In December 2006 shortly after moving to Oslo, I began a DJ partnership with Norwegian artist and musician Are Mokkelbost. Our partnership was initially called Deathstep, then Kjøtt og Pølse before we eventually settled on the name Dausteg (through a happy accident). These events initially took place at a now defunct venue called Spasibar.

In 2009 Ultima contempary music festival asked Are and I to curate a night in the spirit of Dausteg for which we were given Oslo’s St. Jakobskirken (church) and the choice of three acts to play live. Are chose virtouso metal guitarist Mick Barr and a local  hip hop/noise outfit Tri-Function Million. On the basis of  having just heard the track Maybes (which already sounded like it was recorded in a huge church), I chose Mount Kimbie to perform. An unexpected bonus came to us via James Blake, who at that time was playing live with Mount Kimbie.

As Dausteg, we’ve also played Harstad in the far north of Norway as part of an installation for the artist Bøerre Sæthre;  Riga in Latvia and Gothenburg, Sweden, as DJ support for Earth and Tony Conrad.

In the autumn of 2007 through to the summer of 08, I promoted and DJed at my own club night at Blå in Oslo called Acid Grime. For the first event I booked Loefah and Sgt.Pokes. Scottish Warp and Hyperdub alumni Rustie played at two subsequent events. In 2009 Acid Grime was nominated for best club night in Oslo magazine Natt & Dag. Click on above image for a live Acid Grime mixtape.

Since 2007 I have been DJing at a low-key monthly night called Dubious held at Oslo’s Sound of Mu bar/gallery. For this event I play alongside  Stian Westerlund Eriksen (aka DJ Indiana-Ross) who designed the logo for Acid Grime as well as sometimes having DJed there. In recent months we’ve played host to concerts from artists working in Oslo’s electronic undergrowth. Amongst them, Alexander Rishaug, Beatbully, Snasen and Oppland.


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