Whilst working as a freelance music journalist for i-D  at the tender age of 17, I became enthralled with the second generation of Warp Records artists (Aphex, Autechre, Black Dog etc), Rephlex Records and the hybrid dream-pop/electronica of Seefeel and Slowdive. Fortuitously, I began working with an idealist club promoter named James Bignell at a night called Quirky at the Vox Club in Brixton. James had already booked the likes of Seefeel and Autechre before I became involved. As well as being enrolled as a resident DJ at Quirky I was also able to book such experimental heavy weights as Pan Sonic, Hafler Trio, Bruce Gilbert, Main and Bark Pyschosis/Boymerang. A proposed gig with Techno Animal (Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin) sadly never materialized but became the impetus for their Isolationist Dub/Bad Acid opus Re-Entry.

Neil Halstead then of Slowdive had been a regular at Quirky and his interest in electronic music and 20th century classical lead to a brief musical collaboration between us called Zurich. Up until 2009, only the track A Harsh Truth had surfaced, on the Leaf Label compilation Invisible Soundtracks Vol.1. Most of the other tracks were considered lost until when in 2009, mutual friend Mark Van Hoen found CDs and Cassettes containing most of the lost works. These were finally released by Important Records the same year.

Through Zurich’s release on the Invisible Soundtracks compilation, I became aquainted with Jon Tye who at that time had just started Lo Recordings. After giving him the track Odessa for a Lo compilation that I had produced with my friend and new Zurich collaboartor Joe Gray (who had himself, just produced an EP of experimental D&B for Leaf under the name Luger), Jon & I began recording together as Echo Park (christened after the notorious LA girl gang). Our first EP Razorkiss was a collaboration with Sarah and Daren from Seefeel, with vocals from Wendy Harper (who had recenty departed Quickspace Supersport) on the title track. It was backed with a Tech-Step remix from Dom & Roland, a bonus beats version of Razorkiss and future album cut Air Victim.

The Echo Park album The Revolution of Everyday Life was released on Lo Recordings in May, 98 (30 years after the events in Paris which inspired its title) and featured further collaborations with Thurston Moore, Robert Hampson (of Loop, Main and Godflesh) and Ui.


It had always been my intention to be a producer rather than an artist per se.  Around the time of The Revolution of Everyday Life I was given the opportunity to collaborate on songs with former Voodoo Queen, Anjali Bhatia. This lead to four collaborations on her self-titled debut album and three more on the follow up The World of Lady A. The future will possibly see more.

What began as a radio session for Resonance FM in 2006 would culminate in the one-off kosmische/neo-folk project Knives ov Resistance for a young Aurora Borealis label. Comprising myself on turntables, oscillators and effects and other luminaries on guitars, namely Demian Castellanos of The Oscillation, renowned illustrator Rohan Daniel Eason, Blackmaps founder Stuart Souter and Alex Hutchins of Cyclones. Prisca Sapientia was released to largely favourable reviews in 2006.

Currently I am a member of the Oslo collective/band Necessary, contributing synths, turntables and production input. My comrades in the project are Andreas Mork, Matti Hansen, Salvador Sanchez and Ted Parsons who famously drums for Jesu and previously Prong, Godflesh and Swans. Our first release was produced and mixed by Justin Broadrick, entitled Voldsløkka and released by Ohm Resistance in 2010. It forms the first part of a trilogy, with Galgeberg and Gimle issued as a double album in March 2012, released through our Weltschmerz Industries imprint.

Aside from DJing at the behest of All Tomorrows Parties festivals and events for the best part of the 2000s, I began a DJ partnership with Norwegian artist and musician Are Mokkebost shortly after moving to Oslo in 2006. Together we have programmed events with performances from Mount Kimbie, James Blake and Mick Barr and played in European cities including Riga, Gothenburg and Harstad and the Lofoten islands in the north of Norway.

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