Quirky #8: Pan Sonic/Bark Psychosis/Bruce Gilbert (Wire/Dome)/Aphex Flyers





Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner was a regular Quirky performer and attendee. He has just unearthed some old flyers from 1994 which he uploaded on to the newly set up Facebook group for the now mythical club night. The Prototype 21 designs feature line-ups with Bruce Gilbert (Wire/Dome/Cupol etc), Pan Sonic/Sahko Records, Bark Psychosis and Aphex Twin/Rephlex Records.

Fitzroy Voltico II on Radio Turkish @ Turkish Delight, Oslo 17.1.2014

Fitzroy Voltico II (Tony F Wilson) set recorded for Radio Turkish. Live at Turkish Delight, Oslo on 17th January 2014.  (starts around 35.00)

Firmanent Rephlex Global Jack: Quirky #4