Knives ov Resistance: Prisca Sapientia (Aurora Borealis, 2007)


Now streaming in its entirety from the Aurora Borealis bandcamp. Knives ov Resistance was myself on turntables/machines and guitarists Alex Hutchins, Demian Castellanos (of The Oscillation), Stuart Souter (founder of Blackmaps) and Rohan Daniel Eason. John Twells (Xela) of _type Recordings had these nice things to say about it on Boomkat:

“Oh I love a bit of religious hokum, I really do – ever since I realised at 10 years old that God was a lie and we were put on this earth by Erich Von Daniken I’ve been interested in all things mystical, and from the sounds of it Knives Ov Reistance are equally as enthralled by the hand of Satan and his mischievous space creatures. ‘Prisca Sapientia’ (True Wisdom) is the band’s debut release and apparently deals with the weighty subject of End Time, you know, just something light hearted to kick off a project with? So while tinkering with Stockhausen influenced electronic decay and free-noise-folk instrumentation, somewhere amongst the abstraction is reference to the Armageddon. It’s dark then, we’ve ascertained that much, but this isn’t the dark-for-dummies stuff you’d see on the liner notes of your common-or-garden post rock double album, this is genuinely brain melting stuff punctuated with a sound that is somehow inherently evil. There are without a doubt links to black metal, but this isn’t a black metal album, not by sound anyway, rather this deals with similarly haunting subject matter but the band go about it in a totally different way. The press release quote Godspeed You! Black Emperor as a comparison but I don’t think that does this record justice, rather than retread old ground this feels as if it’s a further step into the realms of the ‘acoustic doom’ explored by artists such as Wolfmangler and Svarte Greiner. A breathtaking listening experience for the darker moments in life – do you believe in Rapture?”


Knives ov Acéphale

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A 2006 interview interview/conversation with US Black Metal project L’Acephale, concerning Georges Bataille, Arvo Part and Matthew Barney amongst other subjects. Conducted for Aurora Borealia records who had released my Knives ov Resistance project as well as L’Acephale.