Echo Park: Razor Kiss (Dom & Roland Remix)

Razor Kiss was the first track recorded as Echo Park, my late 90s collaborative project with Jon Tye. Wendy Harper (of Quickspace Supersport) contributed vocals whilst guitars were handled by Sarah Peacock and Daren Seymour of Seefeel. Razor Kiss first appeared in 1996 on the Lo Recordings compilation United Mutations. This orchestral Techstep remix by Drum & Bass icon Dom & Roland, appeared on the Razor Kiss EP in 1997.


Füxa: Strange News From the Angels (Echo Park Remix)

During the summer of 1999, I met Randall Nieman, one time Windy & Carl member and the driving force behind Detroit contemporary space-rock sorcerors Füxa. He was over in England with drummer Eric Morrison doing recordings with Sonic Boom and the Telescopes, for what would become the album Füxa 2000. Randall and I bonded over a mutual appreciation of each others work (on my part  3 Field Rotatation, whilst he was a fan of The Revolution of Everday Life) and Absinthe (which had just been made legal again in the UK).  He and Eric were both due to play as support for Do Make Say Think and  Telstar Ponies at the Garage in Islington, but at the last minute Morrison had to return to the US. Rather than cancel the date I suggested we do an improvised set as Füxa, with Nieman using a new Roland workstation he had just purchased and myself on turntables, manipulating sound effects and musique concrète vinyl (in much the same way as I would again, much later in Knives ov Resistance). As I remember, the show went pretty well, although I’ve never heard the gig since we performed it. Randall was at least pleased and asked if I’d like to do a  remix for an undisclosed future Füxa album. I elected to reinterpret the closing drone track from Accretion, titled Spruce. As Echo Park was my active recording project at this time, I enlisted Jon Tye and my German photographer friend Ronald Dick  (now an international fashion photographer of note), who assured me he could play drums like Jaki Liebezeit. We rented the studio belonging to the wonderful Timothy London (a friend of Jon and I’s who recorded some great work as Yossarian), an avid synth collector. Happily, I got to play around with a Synthi and VCS3, Ronald played drums (unfortunately not quite as well as Liebezeit) and Jon handled bass and percussion. We essentially just played along to the track Spruce, with one or two overdubs afterwards. I delivered the DAT tape to Randall just before he headed back to the States. A year or so later, I was very pleased to see it had been included with all original compositions on the album Füxa 2000.