Entr’acte – The Quadrant Series 2

A late discovery that this podcast from the always exemplary Entr’acte has a new Human Inferno track on it.

Virgin Prunes: Yeo
Illusion of Safety: The Prisoner
Mt Gemini: Parsons Green
Dead Kennedys: The Prey
Human Inferno: Maleficium
Attrition: Dead of Night [excerpt]
DJ Sotofett: Nekta øl på City Club
Dsor Dne: Uomo
Konstruktivists: Time yet to Come
Dive: Sick in Your Mind [live in Tokyo]
Blue: Renounce Rendition
Black Lung: I Have no Mouth…
Synapscape: New Order


Human Inferno @ Noise Testament

Footage from Human Inferno’s performance at the second Noise Testament in Berlin. Unfortunately in this captured segment, my vocals were only coming through the monitors (unbeknownst  to us). How it should’ve sounded can be seen below:

Human Inferno

The September and October transmissions of Sonic Proper (the excellent radio show of Portland’s Best Available Technology) on Bristol’s Noods Radio feature new Human Inferno tracks made in collaboration with myself.


Human Inferno aka David Gurrik of Anal Babes, Astroburger and No Balls features also in the current issue of Lasse Marhaug’s Personal Best.