DAUSTEG_LIAF Pt.2: Lofoten Islands, Norway 13.08.2011

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Recording of second part of Dausteg set at Lofoten International Art Festival in the north of Norway on 13 August 2011

Are Mokkelbost [AM] Tony F Wilson [TFW]

Terje Isungset/Stian Westerhus – #6/Anstam – Brom 2/Delia Derbyshire – Celestial Cantabile [AM]

Joy Division – I Remember Nothing/Wonder – What [TFW]

Ennio Morricone – Tema Di Dunja (1001 Arabian Nights OST) [AM]

Konono No.1 – Lufuala Ndonga/Addison Groove – Footcrab [TFW]

Wizzbit – Poppadom/Henri Chopin – La Chanson desPapes/Khuumil – Uyakhanzambuu-tivinnar (Mongolian drawing song) [AM]

Admiral Bailey – Jump Up [Terror Danjah Remix] [TFW]

Pan Sonic – Uranokemia/Cameroon insect sample [AM]

Plug – Drum & Bass for Papa/Cat Power – Names [TFW]

Techno Animal – Robosapien/Henri Chopin – 2500, Les Greouillesd´Aristophane [AM]

Nils PetterMolvær – Kakonita [Deathprod Remix]/Jam City – Aquabox [TFW]

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Sample/Jon E Cash – Still Heavy [AM]

Cluster – Caramel/Martyn – Hear Me (Zomby Remix)/Oneohtrix Point Never – Hyperdawn [TFW]

Diamanda Galas – The Lord Is My Shepherd/Davinche – Eyes On U 2 [AM]

Pan Sonic – Mutaaattori – Mutator/Russian Choir – Solovki 1-2/Henri Chopin  – Le Corps  2nd Part, Brisure Du Corps [AM]

Klaus Schulze – P.T.O/Ramadanman – Work Them/Girl Unit – Shade On [TFW]

Timbaland – Bounce Instrumental/Non – OutOutOut [AM]

DJ Trace – Sniper [TFW]


DAUSTEG_LIAF: Lofoten Islands, Norway 13.08.2011

(Photo Collage: Are Mokkelbost)

DAUSTEG_LIAF Part One: Are Mokkelbost [AM]/Tony F Wilson [TFW]

RST – Moonlit Air/Bohren & der Club of Gore – Welk/Current 93 Presents: Svienbjörn Beinteinsson – EDDA: The Lay of Sigrdrífa [AM]

J.D Emmanuel – Part III – Focusing Within [TFW]

Delia Derbyshire – Falling/Pan Sonic – Haiti/Zomby – Natallia´s Song  [AM]

Hype Williams – Untitled (One Nation) [TFW]

RST– l.a.s.e.r/Moevot – Zwightrape, Chantd’eternite 1/Nico – Nibelungen/Pierre Bastien – No Eon [AM]

Johnny Clarke – Come Back to Me/Basic Channel – PhylpsTrak II [TFW]

Eduard Artemiev – Amb # 9 (Stalker OST)/Slowdive – Losing Today/Oneohtrix Point Never – Woe Is The Transgression 1/Delia Derbyshire – Music of Spheres [AM]

King Tubby – Dread Dub/Julee Cruise – Falling/Glasser – T  [TFW]

Abraxas – Colours/Salem – Traxx/Hecker – Acid 245; Ph.Inv 9T2 [AM]

Sonic Youth – I Dreamed A Dream/Plastikman – Slinky/Autechre – Pcd freeze 2.bi [TFW]

Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me/Eduard Artemiev – Amb # 2 (Stalker OST) [AM]

Zurich – A Harsh Truth/Panda Bear – Comfy in Nautica [TFW]

Blonde Redhead – Bipolar [AM]

How To Dress Well – Escape Before the Rain/Hype Williams – Warlord/D-Bridge – Decayed [TFW]

     Cannibal Ox– Vein/Delia Derbyshire, Dudley Simpson, Brian Hodgson & David Vorhaus – Souls In Space [AM]

Zomby – Test Me For A Reason/Delia Derbyshire – Dr. Who Theme [TFW]

{Delia Derbyshire had been the subject of a presentation earlier in the day at  the Lavvo we performed in}

Dausteg – Kabelvåg, Lofoten 13.08.11

Dausteg (my DJ partnership with Are Mokkelbost) returns to the far north of Norway on the 13th August 2011 as part of  the Lofoten International Art Festival in Kabelvåg. This special event will take place inside a Lavvu – a large tent used by the Sammi peoples of Northen Scandinavia. More details about this event can be gleamed from clicking on the above image.