Grimey Acid Dubious Death Steps

Click for Feb 2008 live mix mp3

Loefah @ Acid Grime by Erik Knive Skodvin

Acid Grime was my naive attempt at a Grime/Dubstep inspired club night in Oslo at BLÅ. The logo was designed by Stian Westerlund Eriksen, my DJ partner in the ongoing (2007 – present) more low key concept Dubious (he also DJed alongside me at Acid Grime).The first Acid Grime on 6th September 2007  featured DMZ regulars Loefah and Sgt. Pokes.  On February 15th 2008 Glaswegian Warp and Hyperdub alumni Rustie was Acid Grime’s second guest and played once more the following year. Ultimately, the concept wasn’t  popular enough to warrant a Friday night spot at BLÅ . Acid Grime was permantly retired in 2009 and replaced with a Breakcore night. The same year, my earliest Oslo club concept Dausteg (together with Are Mokklebost) collaborated with Oslo’s Ultima festival on a night which took place in a huge church (St. Jakobskirken). For this I was able to book Mount Kimbie who brought along their buddy James Blake to play beside them: A vindication of sorts.

Poster design by Sten Ove Toft

Dausteg Ultima poster by Are Mokkelbost

Mount Kimbie/James Blake @ Dausteg by Halvor Bodin

Dubious poster by Stian Westerlund Eriksen