Quirky #5: The Slowdive Connection

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Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mojave 3 infamy was recently interviewed for NME about Slowdive’s final album Pygmalion. In the original transcript (which you can view above by clicking on the image) he talks candidly about his influences for the album, which include many visits to Quirky, a club night which I used to co-promote with James Bignell in Brixton circa 1995. Although not mentioned, it also reveals the genesis for Neil and I’s pre-Pygmalion electronic project Zurich. Heady times indeed.


Zurich: A Harsh Truth Pt.1 & 2

Originally released in 1995 as part of Invisible Soundtracks Volume 1 on the Leaf Label, alongside tracks by Disjecta (Mark Clifford of Seefeel), Gescom (Autechre) and Being. Released again in 2009 by Important Records on the self titled Zurich mini-album.