ZURICH 2014 CD & Digital Edition.


CD & Digital version of the Zurich collaborative album, coming Fall 2014 in the states. CD available  Jan 21 2015 in Europe.

Zurich began as a 1994 musical partnership between Neil Halstead then of Slowdive and Tony F Wilson. The two recorded a handful of tracks together at a time when Wilson was co-promoting and DJing at the club/live night Quirky in South London, where he booked acts including Pan Sonic, Hafler Trio and Autechre. Halstead was shortly to begin work on Slowdive’s final and most experimental album Pygmalion. Recorded at a time when the popularity of ambient techno was at its peak, these recordings are remarkably austere by comparison. Whilst A Harsh Truth displays the Oriental gracefulness of a Sakamoto/Sylvian collaboration, Tzarist’s gothic industrialism shares more in common with the early works of Coil. Following the release of Pygmalion and Creation letting go of Slowdive, Halstead would disband Slowdive and abandon sound experimentation to create more song-based material in Mojave 3. Shortly thereafter, Wilson began collaborating with drum & bass producer and engineer Joe Gray on more rhythm based, yet still atmospheric productions. Too Scared to Breath features the voice of Seefeel’s Sarah Peacock and sounds not unlike prime Autechre and Aphex. Militia (Dynamic Warfare) on the other hand mirrors the post-metal Dub of Techno Animal and Scorn. All of the recordings were lost until very recently when Touch and Mego recording artist Mark Van Hoen found the tracks on old CD-Rs and cassettes he was given some years ago by Wilson.


Firmanent Rephlex Global Jack: Quirky #4

Echo Park: Razor Kiss (Dom & Roland Remix)

Razor Kiss was the first track recorded as Echo Park, my late 90s collaborative project with Jon Tye. Wendy Harper (of Quickspace Supersport) contributed vocals whilst guitars were handled by Sarah Peacock and Daren Seymour of Seefeel. Razor Kiss first appeared in 1996 on the Lo Recordings compilation United Mutations. This orchestral Techstep remix by Drum & Bass icon Dom & Roland, appeared on the Razor Kiss EP in 1997.