Quirky #11: Autocreation

The forthcoming vinyl reissue of Autocreation’s (Mark Van Hoen/Tara Patterson/Kevin Hector) ambient-techno masterpiece Mettle, will feature Brixton – an excerpt from their live set at the inaugural Quirky on 25th September 1993.



Quirky #8: Pan Sonic/Bark Psychosis/Bruce Gilbert (Wire/Dome)/Aphex Flyers





Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner was a regular Quirky performer and attendee. He has just unearthed some old flyers from 1994 which he uploaded on to the newly set up Facebook group for the now mythical club night. The Prototype 21 designs feature line-ups with Bruce Gilbert (Wire/Dome/Cupol etc), Pan Sonic/Sahko Records, Bark Psychosis and Aphex Twin/Rephlex Records.

Quirky #5: The Slowdive Connection

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Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mojave 3 infamy was recently interviewed for NME about Slowdive’s final album Pygmalion. In the original transcript (which you can view above by clicking on the image) he talks candidly about his influences for the album, which include many visits to Quirky, a club night which I used to co-promote with James Bignell in Brixton circa 1995. Although not mentioned, it also reveals the genesis for Neil and I’s pre-Pygmalion electronic project Zurich. Heady times indeed.

Firmanent Rephlex Global Jack: Quirky #4

Soundwave Renegædes: Quirky #3

Quirky flyer from June 1994: Doof was booked on the basis of his first EP Disposable Hymns of the Infinite, his only release on tasteful techno label Novamute. Unbeknownst to us, he had subsequently been heavily infected by the Trance bug.  DJ sets from Mike Paradinas (μ-Ziq/Planet μ) and Danny Briotett (from my personal heroes Renegade Soundwave) hopefuly made up for this mishap. The following week saw a performance from the mighty Autechre, their second show at Quirky after their London debut alongside Reload (Global Communication) and Locust (Mark Van Hoen)  in November 1993. Playing on the same bill as Auteche on 16 June 94 were Rephlex signings Vulva, making their live debut. Other proud Quirky firsts include the inaugural London DJ appearance of Detroit’s Claude Young and the debut live appearance anywhere outside of Finland from Pan Sonic.