My entry into music journalism began shortly after leaving school at 16. I was taken on as a freelance writer at Record Mirror after doing work experience there in 1991. Sadly, they folded the same year. From there, I went on to become a regular contributor to a rave culture magazine called Clubland, writing features on Orbital, Ultramarine and Danny Rampling amongst others. During this time I  interviewed Future Sound of London with the hope of having the piece published in a style magazine such as I-D or The Face. I was succesful in getting the article  placed in the former and went on to contribute for i-D for around two years. Other articles for i-D  included pieces on Smashing Pumpkins, Masters at Work, Frank Black of Pixies and a cover story on Saint Etienne.

During the same period I was commisioned to interview proto Junglists Shut Up & Dance and X Project/Roast for Mixmag and also began writing for stylish indie-rock themed publication Lime Lizard. My work for the latter included features on Jonny L, Robert Leiner and Slowdive. I also became a regular contributor to Volume Magazine and its sister publication Trance Europe Express. My interviews for these publications included J Saul Kane of  Depth Charge (click on above image for the interview), Sonic Boom, Black Dog/Plaid, B12 and Labradford. At this time I also wrote reviews and short features for Melody Maker’s dance section, where I awarded Gescom and Techno Animal both Singles of the Week.

After taking a break from writing about others music to concentrate on making my own, I returned to the fray in 2001, having been ignited by the London sounds that would become later known as Grime and Dubstep. I adopted my then DJ moniker Spykid to write pieces on this new movement for the underground fanzine Hardcore is More than Music. After my initial piece on Jon E Cash and his Sub Lo movement, I interviewed Wiley and Def Jam founder Russell Simmonds for an edition of HIMTM that would be distributed as a supliment in the Saturday edition of The Guardian during the summer of 2004.

Jeff Mills interviewed by Tony F Wilson, 2006

In 2005 I began working as a music and later reviews editor at the weekly club culture magazine One Week To Live, based in London. Here much of my writing focused on the nascent Dubstep and Grime scenes but I was also fortunate enough to interview legendary figures like Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, ESG and Robert Owens. I was responsible for several cover stories including Peter Hook, Mylo, Goldie and Kano.


On arriving in Oslo, I began freelancing for VICE magazine. Amongst my commisions were one of the first ever pieces on Fuck Buttons (click on above image), Monarch and Runhild Gammelsæter (Sunn o))/Thors Hammer).

As well as VICE, I also began writing music reviews for Frieze magazine. Amongst them were my appraisals of Autechre’s Quaristice (click on above image), Earth’s The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull and Shape of Broadminds’ Craft of the Lost Art.


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